Student Lesson Deliveries the week of May 18 to 22nd and Assignment Pick Up Contacts/Locations

Subject: Student Lesson Deliveries the week of May 18 to 22nd



We wish to advise that as next week is a short week with Monday, May 18th a statutory holiday, please note student deliveries will be moved ahead one day as follows:

Tuesday, May 19th – Highway 16 west, Gitanyow, Kitwanga, Gitsegukla

Wednesday, May 20th – South Hazelton, New Hazelton, Hagwilget

Thursday, May 21st – Gitanmaax, Old Hazelton, Two Mile

Friday, May 22nd – Glen Vowell, Kispiox


Also, please remind all students that we are picking up completed assignments now and if students have completed work, to make sure that they have the following information on their work prior to handing in:

–          First and last name

–          Name of class or grade (eg. English 11)

–          Teacher’s name

All completed assignments can be put in an envelope or bag and given to their Education Coordinator for pick up, or students can leave their completed work in the drop box outside of New Hazelton Elementary School.

Regarding where students can hand in completed assignments, please note students/parents can leave materials with the following contacts:


Glen Vowell students, Laurie Woods, Education Coordinator, 250 842-5241, ext. 205


Hagwilget Band students, Theresa, Secretary, 250 842-6258


Kitwanga Band students, Leslie Morgan, Education Coordinator, 250 849-5330


Gitanyow Band students, Jacqueline Smith or Loucille Bernard, 250 849-5384


Gitsegukla Band students, Alberta Milton or Erica Morgan 250 842-5490


Kispiox Students, Deb Jackson or Nathan Tom **Deb and Nathan will be at the Anspayaxw School (staff parking lot) every Thursday at 1 pm to deliver and receive student work.


Gitanmaax Band Students, Pansy Wright Simms, Education Coordinator 250 842-5297 ext 2006


Please remind students that completed assignments can also be dropped off in the Drop Box outside of the Administration Office at New Hazelton Elementary School.


Hello everyone! We sure are missing you all and are grateful for how everyone is responding during this pandemic by practicing social distancing, washing hands and staying home as much as possible.


The staff and I would like the students to respect the new platforms (Microsoft Teams) – this is a learning platform not a social one – students should continue to use other means to connect socially. Students should be accessing Teams based on a schedule provided by the teacher and between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. We understand that some may find this challenging especially those with more than one school aged child in the home. If you have concerns or your child is experiencing difficult, please email your child’s teacher or myself



This week the delivery to each community started based on the following rotation schedule and seems to be working well:

Mondays- Highway 16 West (Gitsegukla, Kitwanga, and Gitanyow)

Tuesdays – South Hazelton & New Hazelton (includes Hagwilget)

Wednesdays – Gitanmaax and Hazelton (includes Two Mile)

Thursdays – Kispiox Valley (Kispiox & Glen Vowell)

(some exceptions apply with respect to this schedule but those families know who they are)



Follow up from Packages sent home before Spring Break – Some report cards, 2020-2021 bus forms, and other documents that needed your attention did not come back to school as of yet. If you could mail them to the school Box 220 New Hazelton, BC V0J 2J0, that would be most appreciated or otherwise Wednesdays between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm, feel free to come by the school.


The staff and I are thinking of you all at this time. Friendly reminder to stay safe and healthy by practicing social distancing, washing your hands constantly and staying home/ in isolation as much as possible.

The teaching staff are in training this week and next week learning how to teach and conduct lessons online. Your child’s teacher will be making personal calls home to touch base with you and your child prior to Easter.

The support staff are calling homes to check in and to ask questions about your access to technology and to verify that your contact information is up to date.

Thank you for being patient while we navigate through these unknown times.

With respect to student supplies, etc. we will be working on a plan which we will notify you. At this time all families are asked not to come to the school until further notice.

In the meantime, there are many exciting and engaging websites for children and Apps (many free) that you could download to let your child use.


We wish all our families the best – reach out to others by calling and/or practicing social distancing – We are all in this together! As a community, we are going to be strong, patient and gentle with one another.


Ms. Campbell