GRADE 7 YEAR-END CELEBRATION – TODAY!!! Monday, June 22nd at 11:30 am

Morning, Gr. 7 Year-end Celebration Today

We are starting at 11:30. Due to the weather, cloud cover and expected rain we will be going with the rainy day plan – cars will come up McLeod street and drive around the block waiting in line for their turn on Bowser street facing the highway. The cars and students will be recognized in the order they show up. Please be patient and wait your turn. Someone will cue you when its your turn.


See you all soon.


On behalf of all of us, we congratulate all our Grade 7s and wish them all the best in their educational pursuits and life.

Ms. Campbell


The school has placed a hoodie order at the high school. Come September, a HSS Spartans hoodie will be awaiting your child’s arrival.