Shared Responsibilities

The staff at New Hazelton Elementary School believes that students need and deserve a safe, caring, and respectful school climate. We believe that this climate allows students to focus on their learning and the development of positive citizenship. We believe that all members of our school community deserve the respect of others, need to feel safe, and deserve to be treated as equals in all situations.  We believe that all members of the school community (students, parents, and staff) have a shared responsibility for ensuring that New Hazelton Elementary School is a safe, caring, and respectful place.


Student Responsibilities

As a student of New Hazelton Elementary School, I will do MY BEST to do the following:

  • I will show consideration for the rights and feelings of others, being careful not to hurt them physically or make them feel bad.
  • I will speak to others respectfully, not using profanity or uncomplimentary names.
  • I will show respect for all people working or helping in the school.
  • I will show careful regard for both my property and the property of others.
  • I will always ask permission before I borrow other people’s things and I will return them promptly and in good condition when I am finished.
  • I will attend school regularly.
  • I will be in class, on time, with the necessary materials.
  • I will make good use of class time, complete and turn in assignments on time.
  • I understand that assignments missed during an absence are to be made up.
  • I will remain on school grounds during school time, including the lunch period. I will not leave the school grounds without the permission of the principal or vice-principal.
  • I will do my best in my school work and I will let others do their best. I will ask for help if I do not understand.
  • I will help keep the school building and grounds clean and tidy.
  • I will walk in the halls.
  • I agree to wear appropriate clothing and footwear in an appropriate manner.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

As a parent/guardian of a student at New Hazelton Elementary School, I will do MY BEST to do the following:

  • I will read and discuss with my child the expectations the school has for him or her.
  • I will encourage my child to respect the rights and property of others.
  • I will know and support the classroom and school expectations and responsibilities.
  • I will maintain contact with the school and my child’s teachers.
  • I will encourage and support my child’s effort to learn by providing time and space for my child to study.
  • I will assume the responsibility for the regular and prompt attendance of my child.
  • I will encourage my child to come to school ready to learn.
  • I will make certain my child has the necessary “materials and supplies” required.

NHE Staff Responsibilities

As staff members of New Hazelton Elementary School, we will do OUR BEST to do the following:

  • We will explain and review school and classroom rules at the beginning of the year and as necessary throughout the year.
  • We will listen to the opinions of students and have them heard and respected as long as the opinions are expressed in a responsible and timely way.
  • We will clarify and re-affirm our learning expectations with both students and their parents at the beginning of each year and as necessary throughout the year.
  • We will evaluate student progress and achievement, formally reporting to parents on three occasions during the school year and informally on two occasions.
  • We will provide positive programs to promote good behavior and excellent learning opportunities.
  • We will encourage students to strive for personal excellence.
  • We will serve as role models by demonstrating enthusiasm for learning and teaching.
  • We will emphasize the importance of promptness and regular attendance.
  • We will provide a safe and caring environment for all students.