NHE PAC Agenda – May 20/15

  1. Attendees
  2. Approval of Apr. minutes:
  3. Business arising from the minutes:

.Principal’s Report:

  1. Jutta to share:
  2. Financial Report:
  3. Prepare for year end report for gaming
  4. Fun Night – Donations: 1 case hamburgers/BV Wholesale: 1 case popcorn/BVCU: $50 in gift certificates from Gitanmaax Market: 6 dozen hamburger buns/Paul’s Bakery: $25 gift certificate/ Safeway: Tickets/ Anne Karey: Propane/Mrs Pickering: Helium/Gerico:
  5. Condiments, coffee, lettuce, tomatos, & onions/McDonalds Store.
  6. -BBQ’s could use a good cleaning
  7. -spray bottle had disappeared from the popcorn machine
  8. New Business:- Any CMSD budget concerns-Babysitting course Sat. June 6
  9. – Share letter re: Bill 11
  10. -DPAC AGM Monday April 27 –Report
  1. Next Meeting Wednesday June 10th

Vote in a PAC Chairperson


New Hazelton Elementary  PAC Meeting  Mar. 11, 2015

Called to order: 6:43 pm

In Attendance: Carol Pickering, Annette Peterson, Jodi Snider, Julia Sundell, Kelly Suhan, Judy Holbrook

Approval of Feb 11,2015 minutes:

 Julia Sundell approves the February 11, 2015 minutes as given; seconded by Jodi Snider

Business arising from minutes:

Re-configuration: The school board has ended the current discussion to move the grade 7’s to the high school. The new motion is as follows:   “the board mandates that the Hazelton/Kitwanga Grade Reconfiguration Committee be absolved. Coast Mountains School District 82 strives for improved graduation rates in the Hazelton/ Kitwanga area, public community consultation will be explored for possible interventions.”

Babysitting course: Purchased student books and talked to Mary-Lee Harris. Mr. and Mrs. Harris will hold the course again – need dates from them as to when they will hold the course.

Smart Boards: No news from teachers. Jodi hasn’t looked into them much, but school district can get good prices.

When staffing done for next year, Carol Pickering will have a better idea as to how many teachers would be interested in having a smart board in there class.

Principal’s Report:

            – See attached

– Add On: Request from teachers for PAC to purchase outdoor equipment for box outside for children. Some ideas include:

– Hockey equipment

– Waste band elastics for Chinese skipping

– Basketballs

– Soccer balls

– Rubber bouncy balls

– Hacky sacs

**MOTION – Annette Peterson motions that the PAC buy outdoor sports equipment. The PAC will spend approximately $400 on sports equipment for the outside box.

2ndJodi Snider                      ALL IN FAVOR

Financial Report:

– No report given, Gemma Mousley was absent from this meeting

– Oustanding cheques – for Jodi Snider, Annette Peterson and tonight’s babysitters

– Annette Peterson has cheque from Julia Sundell for $180 from cookie dough sales

– $80 was given to the ski club for their year end gathering – $25 was given back and a   Thank You card.

New Business:

  • Secretary – Kelly Suhan will take over as secretary
  • Book Fair – Need parent volunteers. Date April 22, 2015 – possibly change date as it is too close to fun fair
  • – Jodi will help set up and take down

–     DPAC – info session will be held on Tues April 14, 2015 at 7pm in Terrace.

– ? Video Conference? – Annette Peterson will try this. Anyone can go to the conference or do the video conference. Carol suggests to put this in the school news letter.

–      Fun Night – To be held on April 23, 2015 from 6-8pm

– Theme?? – No theme

– Sign up sheet – Jodi Snider will get on this

– Prizes – Julia Sundell will order what is needed

– Set up gym – Jodi Snider and Gemma Mousley

– Tables and chairs – Carol will order 16 tables and 80 chairs

– BBQs and Propane tanks – Carol will get

– Tickets – done by Ann

– Games – in portable

– $ Float – Gemma will look after this

– Organize Cakes – Garde 7’s ??

– Food concession –

– Cake box – Deb & Jutta

– Poster for advertising – Jodi Snider

– ‘Food Safe’ Ticket – Kelly Suhan will ask her parents. Also will consider putting it in the news letter

– People to BBQ – Ron? – Usually 2 people

– Donations – Annette Peterson will get letters out

– Prizes for basketball shoot –

**MOTION – Annette Peterson motions that the PAC spend up to $600 on prizes for fun night.

                  2ndJudy Holbrook                             ALL IN FAVOR

Classes fundraising for year end parties?

– Not sure

– Discussed this issue

Next Meeting:  April 8, 2015

Meeting adjourned: 7:50pm


New Hazelton Elementary  PAC Meeting

Feb. 11, 2015 –Called to order: 6:40 pm

In Attendance: Carol Pickering, Annette Peterson, Jodi Snider, Julia Sundell, Ron Suhan, Gemma Mousley, Judy Holbrook

Approval of Nov 12, 2014: Julia Sundell approves the January 14, 2015 minutes as given; seconded by Gemma Mousley

Business arising from minutes:

            Re-configuration: Annette – Letter was faxed to board office, trustee

  • Notice in the browser – cost of printing was $149.63
  • – Had a good response from public

–      Next step – possibly wait for next reconfiguration meeting on Apr 29, 2015

– Note: In past all grade 7 students went to John Field – info in the archives??

Did transfer happen from gaming account? Yes – some issues with the bank, but all amended now

How did staff lunch go?  It went very well. The learning shop did a good job. There was enough food. Bought 8 pizzas, salad for 23, and pan of lemon squares

  • Cost – $195 to The Learning Shop, $15 fo coffee, $37.59 for pop, sugar, cream, juice.

Principal’s Report:   See attached

Financial Report: – Balances

                        Gaming Account – $7 347.85 (needs to be spent by Sept 2015)

General Account – $4 709.17

– Fruit fundraiser raised $482.50 right now. Still 4 buckets of cookie dough to sell and Julia owes $100. A total of $180.00 outstanding for this fundraiser.

– Not as good as anticipated (expected to raise ~$1000)

– Tonight’s babysitting payment is the only thing outstanding

New Business:

  • Secretary – Judy is leaving, so need a new secretary. Will see if Kelly Suhan is interested
  • Babysitter Course – Need to start training some grade 6 students to babysit on PAC nights. Annette has some names of grade 6 students that could be good for babysitters in the future. – Will Harris’ do another babysitting course? – Over all consensus was that it was a good idea to run course again as it is a good life skill for the students  2ndJulia Sundell           ALL IN FAVOR
  • **MOTION – Jodi Snider motions to buy the babysitter course books to run the course again. The PAC will offer Harris’ $200 plus $ for supplies to run the course.
  • – Books cost ~ $60 – $100 for set of books, paid Harris’ $200 plus $ for prizes
  • – Should PAC pay for course like previous years and student gives 1 free babysitting session at PAC meeting.
  • Fun Night – April 23, 2015 6-8pm. We need to work on this, coordinator needed.- Need people to set up the gym before hand- Talk more next meeting
  • – Collect donations – Annette has letters from previous years
  • – Jodi will put up the sign up poster
  • Smart Boards – tried it before and it didn’t go anywhere- Should have a workshop – maybe on a pro D day – Carol can talk to teachers at staff meeting to find out if teachers are interested in smart boards. If they are interested, we can look further into getting smart boards.
  • – Jodi will look at pricing . Carol stated that district has good prices, but will teachers be willing to use them. Teachers are using Ipads, Elmo, and intermediates have proxima projectors. So there is currently interactive teaching being done.
  • – Teachers need to want to do it

Next Meeting: March 11, 2015

Meeting adjourned: 7:40


New Hazelton Elementary  PAC Meeting

Jan. 14, 2015

Called to order: 6:45 pm

In Attendance:

Carol Pickering, Annette Peterson, Jodi Snider, Julia Sundell, Cynthia Joseph, Lawrence Peterson, Kelly Suhan, Gemma Mousley, Judy Holbrook

Approval of Nov 12, 2014:

 Jodi Snider approves the November minutes as given; seconded by Kelly Suhan

NOTE: The person making the complaint in regards to the Halloween dance did not         attend the Nov. PAC meeting

NOTE: Judy Holbrook has agreed to take the position as PAC secretary

NOTE: RE Lori-Anne Plewak’s letter regarding grade 7 move to high school. Cynthia Joseph attended a meeting about the reconfiguration, Cynthia expected the meeting to be about consultation but the meeting was about implementation. Cynthia feels that we should take an aggressive approach to stop the reconfiguration. It is felt that not all parties involved are completely aware of the situation and we should advertise.   Ms Plewak’s letter will be edited by Cynthia and then further summarized by Kelly Suhan to be advertised in the Bulkley Browser. Cynthia will compose a survey (questionnaire) for all parents and email it to Annette Peterson. Carol Pickering will OK the survey before it is distributed.

** MOTION – Lawrence Peterson motions that a letter should be put into the Bulkley Browser by Jan. 21, 2015 deadline concerning the school reconfiguration. The letter will be written by Cynthia Joseph and summarized by Kelly Suhan. Approval by Annette Peterson and Cynthia Joseph will be given before releasing it in the Bulkley Browser                2nd by Jodi Snider      – ALL IN FAVOR

** MOTION – Lawrence Peterson motions that this PAC will pay for photocopying the reconfiguration letter at the Bulkley Browser. Colour paper will be used. 2nd by Annette Peterson   – ALL IN FAVOR

Principal’s Report:

            Highlights for the month of December 2014 & January 2015

School Programs:Ms. Linford, Ms. Plewak, & Mrs. Lattie have put forward a NOII question forward to the organization that will generate $1,000 to put toward bringing more culture into the teachings

  • “Breakfast for Learning” (fruit & dairy) continues from the cart on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • Hot breakfast is offered by Ms. Olson on Mondays and Fridays
  • Self-regulation is becoming strong and a positive influence with those students that need more attention
  • School Wide Write was completed with strong results
  • Social Responsibility: This month the theme is on “Setting Goals”
  • 1.31 Culture and Language proposals of “Elders in the hallway” and “Bent boxes” as resources have been accepted and are in the implementation phase

School Culture Activities:Safety & Health Committee check done mid Tuesday of every month, second drill was successful and everyone was out IN less than 2 minutes

  • Safety is promoted on the playground, “hands free” policy is promoted, and students continue to play with no area restrictions, hill was ploughed
  • ASSAI after-school program began yesterday.

Calendar entries: Newsletter items….

QUESTION – How was the Christmas concert?

It went really well.

Financial Report:

– Balances as of Nov. 3, 2014

                        Gaming Account – $3607.85 (needs to be spent by Sept 2015)

General Account – $10 803.45                                                                                                                       – $3 740.00 within the general acct needs to be transferred to the gaming

acct. Gaming acct should have a $7 347.85 balance.

Petty Cash – The note says $74, but there is actually $90

– Fruit fundraiser cheque was sent this week of $2152.00

– Cheques for babysitters and for Jodi (Halloween supplies) need to be written

– Pay for Christmas $50 per class by cheque out of the general acct – no receipt need.

Cheques will be written tonight

– Annette asked if we would like to do a Thank You to the teachers.

Yes. Do a lunch soon from The Learning Shop. Jodi will order it

** MOTION – Annette motions that we order pizza from The Learning Shop as an            appreciation lunch for teachers and staff up to $200. Jodi will organize it.     2nd – Lawrence Peterson            ALL IN FAVOR

New Business:

– Fun Night – Fun night will be held on Thurs Apr. 23, 2015 from 6-8pm

– Other – Kelly Suhan raises the question as to how can we get parents into the school?                                       – up for discussion.

Next Meeting: Feb. 11, 2015

Meeting adjourned: 8:15pm


New Hazelton Elementary – PAC Meeting

November 12, 2014

Meeting Commenced at 6.40pm

Present:  Annette Peterson, Gemma Mousley, Judy Holbrook, Kelly Suhan, Jodi Snider, Carol Pickering (Principal), Colleen Kern (Teacher Representative)

Approve the AGM minutes from October 2, 2014

Kelly Suhan motioned to approve the October minutes as given.  Seconded by Judy Holbrook.

Note:  Since the October meeting secretary Tanis Nikkel has stepped down and the position is open.  Elect secretary at December meeting.

Business Arising from the Minutes:

Fruit Fundraiser – reported by Jodi Snider on behalf of Cynthia Joseph

The order was about $300 short of the amount required ($3000) for free shipping.  Shipping is around $100.  PAC purchased additional cookie dough and juice as extras for a total of $435.  Profit from the fundraiser will be around $900, we are awaiting the actual figure.

When the order arrives, additional help will be required to help sort/distribute.  Unsure of arrival date, original date was next week, emails from supplier have been unclear but the order should be here by the beginning of December.  Annette will email information as soon as she knows.

Signing Authority

Annette made a motion to remove Theresa McKee from the authorized signatory list and add Gemma Mousley, Annette Peterson and Cynthia Joseph as signers to the PAC account at BVCU.

Motioned – Annette Peterson     Seconded – Jodi Snider     CARRIED         

 Minutes will be signed and taken to the credit union to update signatory list.

Halloween Dance

Discussion was had regarding the dance.  All were in agreement that the children had fun.  A complaint was received and the parent was invited to the November PAC meeting to discuss the issue.  After much discussion, it was agreed that the dance should continue to go ahead in future years, however additional safety considerations will be made.

Safety improvements that were discussed were:

  • All children Grade 4 and under MUST be supervised by their parents – this was already in place this year.
  • Have the dance only for the intermediate students Grades 5-7.
  • Ensure that the gym is not in complete darkness by leaving some lights on.
  • Enforce the NO RUNNING rule – if a child is asked to stop once or twice, the third time they are removed from the dance.
  • Have more parent supervisors around the gym – wear reflective vests so that they can be seen.
  • At the beginning of the dance have a safety/rules speech.
  • Ask parents to sign a waiver to make them responsible for their child’s safety.

Principals Message

See Attached.

Question: – Are smart boards used at the school?

No, the amount of training required for smart board use is substantial and there is not the infrastructure to support that.  The school uses iPads as a learning tool along with readers and data projection.

Financial Report

 Balances as at September 30, 2014:

Gaming                – $3,607.85

General                – $4,670.08

Since that date the fruit fundraiser money has been deposited.  $20 is outstanding from the fruit fundraiser.

The expenses from the Halloween Dance are to be paid.  $200 was approved but the full amount was not spent.  Actual costs will be reported at the December meeting.

A cheque was written to Andrea Vickers in October for $80 as a contribution from NHE PAC to the teachers strike coffee fund.  Colleen thanked PAC for contributing to this and will pass on the information to the teachers.

The Gaming Grant and spending of the gaming money was discussed.  Gemma will check with Julia Sundell-Pierre as to when the gaming money we have must be spent by.  We are unsure whether we will receive gaming money this year as the application was submitted late.

It was requested by Carol that PAC consider sponsoring the April-June months of the breakfast program.  Approximately $1500 would be required to cover this.  Discussion to be had at a later date.

New Business

 Goodie Bags

Traditionally at Christmas PAC has prepared goodie bags to be given out on the last day of school before the Christmas holiday.  In the past, parents have been unhappy with the amount of candy in the bags.  Colleen agreed that the teachers would also prefer something else rather than candy.

A discussion was had regarding a group movie at the theatre.  This has not been done in the past due to the expense.  Kelly will look into costs and whether we could have the theatre for free if a purchased DVD was played.  An in-house alternative was suggested, movie in the gym with popcorn.

Jodi suggested that PAC pay for a Christmas craft for each class in place of goodie bags.  After discussion this was the favoured option due to time restrictions.

A motion was made that PAC give each class $50 to spend on a Christmas activity of their choice.

Motioned – Annette Peterson     Seconded – Jodi Snider     CARRIED

Report from Reconfiguration Meeting – Annette Peterson

Annette attended the last reconfiguration meeting and Cynthia Joseph will be attending the December meeting.

One thing that was discussed at the reconfiguration meeting was the bussing issues for the kids from Gitanyow, currently they are spending 3 hours per day travelling to and from the high school.  One suggestion was that Kitwanga school be made K-9 so that kids only needed to travel to the high school for grades 10-12.

A letter was prepared by Lori-Anne Plewak regarding the grade 7 move to high school.  Annette expressed concern sending the letter from PAC as it stands as it portrays such a strong message.  Copies of the letter were made for all present.  Discussion of the letter will be tabled to December’s meeting.

The reconfiguration committee recommendations will be sent to the board and any implemented changes will begin in September 2015.  There are a few different options being looked at right now, one option is that grades 7, 8 and 9 will be a ‘middle school’ program at Hazelton Secondary School.  They will be in the same building as the high school students with separation coming from bell schedules.

The reconfiguration committee felt that the options were constrictive and were asking the board to be open to any new options that may arise through discussions.

Next PAC Meeting          December 10th, 2014 @ 6.30pm

Meeting Adjourned at 8.05pm


New Hazelton Elementary School PAC

Oct 2, 2014 -NHE Library

Meeting started at 6:40pm

Present:   Jodi Snider, Annette Peterson, Theresa McKee, Carol Pickering, Cynthia Joseph, , Gemma Mousley, Tanis Nikkel, Judy Holbrook, Kelly Suhan, Leanne Schwab, Stewart Schwab,

Julia Sundell-Pierre, Don Intermela

Approve June, 2014 minutes- motioned- Tanis    seconded- Cynthia


By Acclamation

Treasurer-Gemma Mousley

Secretary – Tanis Nikkel

Vice-chair – Cynthia Joseph

Chair – Annette Peterson

*PAC Meetings will be on the 2nd Wed. of every month


-Field Trip money was given to Mr. Wiebe

-Grade 7 letter re: middle school – tabled to November’s meeting

-Fruit order – Oct. 6 – forms sent home

Oct. 20th – forms returned to school

-Halloween Dance Thurs. Oct. 30th 6-8pm

D.J. – Kevin Pierre

Donations – Cynthia

Motion to spend $200 on dance – Julia   2nd– Judy

Principal’s message– See below for the link:

Principal’s message Oct 2, 2014

Q-Due to the strike will the calendar or school days be changed?

Carol- Haven’t heard of changes

-she is waiting for word from the Ministry to send home last years report card.

-Thanks to Carol for posting on Facebook also

-Picture Day questions discussed

-Kelly would like to have more discussion about the School Growth Plan at a later date.

*Letter from Andrea Vickers (Majagaleehl Gali Aks PAC) regarding coffee fund for striking teachers. Annette will talk to Andrea to see what is left owing of the accounts. (Bakery & Mercedes)

Motioned that a max.  of $90 be put towards fund. – Annette   2nd– Stewart

Carol would like to express the importance of P.A.C. on the committee discussing middle school.

-Annette would like to discuss the letter more about Gr. 7 move before sending

– Don would like to see a meeting with J.F.E, K.E.S, and N.H.E regarding middle school

-the new superintendent is in charge of the go ahead to set up a committee regarding middle school.

Next Meeting Nov. 12 6:30pm

Meeting adjourned @ 7:30pm
















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